What you score in either the Championship, U2200, U1800 or U1400 at Bridge of Allan, Stranraer, Kirkcaldy & Renfrew is what you score in the corresponding section of the Championship Grand Prix, with double points in our final event at Largs. All a player's points are added up and who is top of each section after Largs will win £100



The results of each congress will be added to the totals so far, so players will know who is in contention for that first prize. BOA results now included.

latest standings

Terms & Conditions

  • Players only score points in the section they play in. In the case of Largs, which will only be one section, points will be allocated to the lowest section the player's grade allows. If a player wishes their points to be allocated to a higher section instead they should notify the Tournament Director before the start of the Largs Viking Chess Congress

  • In the event of a tie, the prize money will be shared proportionately in favour of the winner of our tie-break. This will be firstly direct encounters throughout all our congresses, and if needed by most section titles. If this is still not decisive, an Armageddon Play Off will be played at Largs




  • E-mail addresses and telephone numbers of the current leaders of each of the Championship Grand Prix sections will be retained, and will be removed within one week once they are no longer leading. The winners of each section will have their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers removed from our records within one week of completion of the competition unless they have indicated they wish to receive reminders of Championship Chess Congresses, in which case their  e-mail address only will be retained. No e-mail addresses or telephone numbers will be passed onto any third parties
  • The latest standings and the names and photographs of the winners will be publshed on this website and also by interested third chess related parties, such as Chess Scotland, as well as local press organisations

  • In the event that a player does not wish their photograph to be taken, please inform the Tournament Director so that we can respect your wishes