Our next weekend congress sees us going to Renfrew from Saturday 4th to Sunday 5th of May with us returning to the same venue as last year's congress, the Normandy Hotel. Players have a chance to win our Prize Draw if the enter by Saturday 28th April, but we will accept entries to the congress up to 9am on the first day of competition. Check out the latest entrants by clicking on the sections below.

Our top event is open to players graded 2100 and above as well as titled players graded at least 2000. There is also places available to players below this level, with the Kirkcaldy U2200 winner and the highest rated junior rated above 1800 that wishes to take part eligible to participate .They will also be joined by the 2 highest rated 2000 players wishing to play up. Players who achieved at least 50% in the Kirkcaldy Championship but don't qualify as of right by grade will also be able to take part.There may also be be extra places availble for 2000 players if we have not reached our minimum of 8 players by Saturday 28th April. The event is FIDE and Chess Scotland graded.

Our next level of event is also rated by both CS and FIDE and is open to players rated between 2199 and 1700, with players below needing to request to play up. The winner will be able to take part in the Championship section at our first congress of the 2019/20 season.

Next up is a Chess Scotland only rated event for those rated under 1800, with players below 1300 needing to put in their request to play up to take part.

Also a Chess Scotland only rated event for those rated under 1400.

Our new junior only section for players rated under 800, giving players a taste of congress chess. Graded by Chess Scotland and SJC.

Our quicker than last season Rapidplay is open to all and is rated by FIDE only.

Our Rapidplay far too slow for your liking? Try our FIDE only rated open Blitz.

  • Play will be governed by the 2018 FIDE Laws of Chess

  • It is at the Tournament Director's discretion to allow entry or allow a player to play up 

  • Players should pay their entry fees before the start of their first round's play

  • Players may be repaired after 15 minutes if their opponent has failed to turn up. Any player who fails to turn up within the 30 minute defualt time will forfeit

  • Mobile phones are permitted but must be switched off at all times within the playing venue (both players and spectators). During play the phone must not be carried by the player, with any player found to be doing so forfeiting their game. Any player who must have an active phone will need to inform the arbiter before start of play or suffer the same fate

  • The Arbiters rulings will be final

  • Players may win only one cash prize per section

  • In the event of a tie, cash prizes will be shared proportionately in favour of the winner of the tournament tie-breaker. This will be direct encounter and if this is not decisive an Armageddon Play Off will be used

  • There is only one bonus amount for winning the Championship with 4/4. In the event of more than one player acheiving this, the bonus will be shared proportionately in the same fashion as with the other cash prizes.

  • In the event that the minimum number of players required have not entered by Saturday 28th May in any of the sections (Championship, U2200, U1800 & U1400 8 players, Rapid and Blitz 6 players) then no trophy will be on offer for that section. Sections in our 2 day events may be merged, with the exception of the Championship, if required numbers are not met by the start of the event with prizes altered accordingly.

  • The cash prizes advertised are dependent on the number of entrants indicated. These prizes may be increased or decreased if number of entrants are higher or lower than expected

  • The Tournament Director reserves the right to do what is deemed necessary to ensure the smooth running of the congress 





  • E-mail addresses and telephone numbers of players will be removed from our records within one week of the congress finishing except the current leaders of each of the Championship Grand Prix sections, who will have these removed once they are no longer leading, and players who confirm they wish to receive reminders of upcoming Championship Chess Congresses who will have only their e-mail addresses retained until they indicate otherwise. E-mail addresses and telephone numbers will not be passed on to any third parties
  • Data will be passed on to both Chess Scotland, SJC and FIDE for grading purposes

  • A list of entrants, individual matches and their results, overall congress results and photographs of the event will be publshed on this website and also by interested third chess related parties, such as Chess Scotland, as well as local press organisations

  • In the event that a player does not wish their photograph to be taken, please inform the Tournament Director so that we can respect your wishes



Terms & Conditions


You will find out the details of all our congresses and results here.


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